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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals are a kitchen convenience.  Installed just under a kitchen sink drain, garbage disposals give the option to use the kitchen sink for food scrap disposal.  DBS Plumbing Solutions is ready to help with your garbage disposal needs.

To keep your garbage disposal working properly and odor free we recommend these tips for your garbage disposal.

Tips for Garbage Disposals

  • Only dispose of scraps in the garbage disposal that can easily be cut with a pair of scissors.  For example most produce (lettuce, berries, etc.) can be snipped with little effort  and are great candidates for disposals.  On the other hand raw meat and nuts should not be put in the disposal.

  • Ice is a great cleaner for garbage disposals.  Running a full cup or two of ice through your disposal will help knock free any scraps stuck inside. 

  • Run water down the drain while the disposal is working - keep the tap open until you no longer hear the scraps bouncing around.

Garbage Disposal
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