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Hose Bibs

Interior Hose Bib

Hose Bibs also know as sillcocks make watering plants and washing cars much easier. We can help you add an additional hose bib or yard hydrant in a convenient location.  Just a leak?  We're happy to evaluate your spigot to see if it's a candidate for repair or whether it's best to replace.

To ensure longevity in Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati we recommend installing frost free sillcocks.  Even with a frost free hose bib, you should disconnect your hose in the wintertime as hoses tend to hold water.  Failure to disconnect your hose may cause ice to travel from your hose into your sillcock causing damage. 

We are also equipped to help with your yard hydrant (farm bib) needs.  Freezeless yard hydrants are recommended for our winters.  Freezeless yard hydrants are designed in a such a way that water is not held in the standpipe or the faucet.  This means that as long as your hydrant is properly installed below the frost line you will have access to water for your livestock and agricultural needs year round.

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