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Cistern Pump and Bladder Tank

Sump pumps are used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump basin, typically located in the basement of a building. The water is pumped out of the basin and away from the building to prevent water damage. Sump pumps are powered by electricity and can be equipped with a secondary battery backup pump or water backup pump.  Sump pumps are activated when the water in the basin reaches a certain level.

Sewage ejector pumps are used to pump wastewater from a basement bathroom or sewage holding tank to a sewer or septic tank. Sewage ejector pumps can handle solids and are designed to handle waste from toilets, sinks, and showers. They are powered by electricity and are often equipped with an alarm to alert the homeowner in the event of pump malfunction or failure.

Cistern pumps are used to pump water from a cistern, which is a storage tank for water. Cistern pumps are typically used in rural areas or in homes that rely on well water. They can be submersible or surface mounted.


Pumps play an important role in the management of water and waste in homes. DBS Plumbing Solutions is happy to help troubleshoot your existing pump to keep it in working order.  If you need to add a pump we can help you choose the right pump for your application.

Sump Pump
Sewage Ejector Pump
Sewage Ejector Pump
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