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Residential Bathrooms

Adjustable Shower Head - Rain Head Shower

Upgrading your bathroom or just need a repair? DBS Plumbing Solutions can help with new faucets, new toilets, new shower trims, and new tubs/showers.  Happy with what you have?  We can help keep your bathroom fixtures functioning as they should.

Common bathroom upgrades and repairs:

  • Leaky shower head

  • Leaky shower handles

  • Leaky lavatory faucet or handles

  • Upgrade to a comfort height toilet

  • Upgrade toilet for a better flush

  • Rebuild toilet - stop phantom flushing or constant running

  • Repair toilet handle - no more stuck handles or handles you have to hold down

  • New shower head and handles

  • New lavatory faucet

  • Set and install new bathroom vanity

  • Pedestal sink installation


Contact us to schedule your repair  or upgrade today!   

Bathroom Vanity with Faucet
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