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Underground Plumbing

Underground Plumbing New Construction

Underground plumbing installation involves the installation of pipes beneath the ground's surface to provide water, gas, and drain for a building or home.  Underground plumbing is commonly installed in new homes and buildings just after the foundation is poured.  Underground piping is installed before the concrete slab or basement floor is installed.  When additional plumbing is added to a home or building, the floor is removed as needed for underground plumbing installation.

Most commonly the underground plumbing system is composed of piping for drain, waste, and vent.  Piping location is determined by the building layout.  In some scenarios, water lines and/or gas lines are also installed under a home or building.

Underground plumbing installation requires specialized knowledge and equipment, as well as compliance with local building codes and regulations. Trenching and excavation is typically required to access the underground plumbing, and proper backfill and compaction are necessary to ensure the stability and durability of the plumbing system.

DBS is experienced installers of underground plumbing and will take care to install all underground plumbing properly to ensure a strong groundwork is in place for a fully functioning plumbing system.

Underground Plumbing Remodel
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